healinghugs Healing care for bodies and hearts of the poorest, most
forgotten children in the world.

We are doctors, teachers, health workers, community advocates and funding partners like you – passionate about giving hope and medical care to children and families trapped in poverty and disability.

Regina and her children in Southern Africa

Hunger crisis in southern Africa.

14 MILLION people in southern Africa are hungry… vulnerable to disease, lifelong physical disabilities… even death. You can save lives now!


Woman and child fetching dirty water with a donkey close by.

The gift of clean water.

Without CLEAN water sickness and infection spread – ultimately leading to disability. Join us in creating 40 water resources in Amhara, Ethiopia.


The Oyerinde Family after surgery

What Easter gift will help a child see her mother for the first time?

Here’s a hint… You can make it happen today.


Give sight to a mom, dad, child or grandparent.

More than 20 million people are blind. Blindness doesn’t just affect one person. It affects an entire family.


Give hope and healing. Give to cbm‘s life-changing work.

One gift at a time. Use my leg-walking, eye-seeing, heart-healing, opportunity-creating gift where it’s needed most.


Give Joy Gift Catalogue

Browse our gift catalogue and give hope and healing to people trapped in poverty by disability. Choose from over 33+ life-changing gifts that will make a difference in someone’s life.


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What Drives Us?

We believe following Jesus means caring for forgotten people trapped in poverty by disability. We go to the world’s poorest places, to work with people living in the most difficult circumstances – so the most vulnerable are not left behind.

Jesus’ love for all people is the foundation of our work. We take every opportunity to share that love with the world through Christian doctors, nurses, community workers, and churches – delivering the Gospel in practical acts of love.

We partner with hospitals and communities to provide medical care and distribute medication that prevents disabling diseases. We create country-wide referral networks – developing programs that link the poorest people with the services they need.

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