Ottobock donates 7 skids of medical equipment to cbm

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Stouffville, Ontario, October 5, 2016
cbm Canada, is so grateful to Ottobock Canada for their donation on September 30th, 2016 of more than 7 skids of medical supplies, mobility devices such as wheelchairs, transport strollers and early intervention therapy equipment, to help children living in poverty with disability.

Ottobock Canada’s Lauren Cassa, said, “They [cbm] bring these children medical devices that allow them to have independence and mobility in their lives. Sometimes these children can’t even go to school because they have no mobility equipment to do so and then they are left behind in life. And we think that’s very unfair.”

Ed Epp, Executive Director at cbm Canada shared, “We know from our 100 plus years of experience that when children living in the world’s poorest countries can’t walk, they miss out on so much of life. Most of them never get the chance to go to school. Too often they’re left behind by friends. Their world just keeps getting smaller. By donating medical items that will help kids move, play, learn, Ottobock is making a difference that will last a lifetime.”

cbm Canada is a registered charity giving hope and healing to children and families caught in the cycle of poverty and disability.

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