Our Impact

Our faith drives us to work in the world’s poorest countries and communities, delivering ability-restoring, life-changing solutions for families living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability.

cbm works in 59 countries. We have 628 projects and provide empowering, ability-restoring, life-changing services to 37.9 million people each year.

What we accomplished in 2016:

3.3 million girls and boys received ability-restoring medical care!

  • 2,512,904 children received sight-protecting eye care
  • 614,667 children received therapy and rehabilitation
  • 13,582,045 children received medication for neglected tropical diseases
  • 134,668 children received assistive devices
  • 52,557 children received ability-restoring surgeries
  • 285,458 children received the gift of sound
  • 57,989 children received an education
  • 605,962 moms, dads and grandparents received sight through eye surgery, including 422,145 cataract operations
  • 8,122,881 people received meds to prevent blindness from trachoma and river blindness