Our Impact

Our faith drives us to work in the world’s poorest countries and communities, delivering ability-restoring, life-changing solutions for families living with the double disadvantage of poverty and disability.

cbm works in 65 countries. We have 672 projects and provide empowering, ability-restoring, life-changing services to 45 million people each year.

What we accomplished in 2015

  • Sight-giving eye care for over 8 million children, moms, dads, grandparents
  • Ear care for 663,507 people
  • Limb-straightening, limb-strengthening orthopaedic care for 448,823 children and parents
  • Education and rehabilitation services for 927,215 people, primarily children
  • 722,949 ability-restoring surgeries
  • 186,265 professionals were trained in the area of health – doctors, nurses, therapists…
  • Livelihood support for 91,731 moms and dads