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2016 Report Back

Sight restored. Children healed. Communities renewed.

See what we’ve been able to accomplish in 2016.


Every year we also have an independent auditor review our books.

See what they found:

2014/2015 Audited Financial Statement
2014 Finanial Statement
2013 Finanial Statement
2012 Finanial Statement

We’re committed to using your gifts for maximum world change.

We make sure the right systems are in place to change lives now – and for years to come. Here’s how your dollars are used to transform lives:

5 year trending using audited annual financial statements.

CCCC Seal of Financial Accountability

2016 Charity 100: Grades

MoneySense has published its latest current rankings of the 100 Top Charities in Canada and… cbm Canada earned an A-!

Money Sense rating